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Deploy Smarter ID Card Systems Faster                                                                        Learn How


Until now, the only way to build a smart card credential system with high levels of physical and logical security was to assemble teams of experts and programmers that knew how to get the job from A to Z. Smart credentials with multiple factors of authentication, such as biometrics, meant several extra months and higher costs overall. Most organizations with smaller budgets or those on a time constraint could not achieve this level of security.  


A new methodology has reshaped this landscape. Today, clients can use a wide variety of interoperable, turnkey solutions along the entire chain of ID Systems deployment, thereby eliminating the need for costly systems integration.


Strengthen your identity management system by incorporating multiple factors of authentication, including smart cards and biometrics technology. Deploy your system 80% faster and 70% more cost-effectively with sophisticated building blocks that connect together from the idblox ID Ecosystem.  Learn more


Prepare for the changes on the horizon that come from an economically unstable world. From wall street to Tahir Square people need to be accurately identified for access to buildings, networks and government benefits. Learn how the addition of a simple Biometric component can increase a systems security. 


Quit running in circles trying to put all the pieces together for your customers. Stop the hassles that come from some product that needs an API or "just a little programming to get your program from A to Z . See how idblox can add to your bottom line.


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As a provider of technology is your organization waiting on other vendors to finish their part of a ID solution chain to realize your revenue?  Do you need to get to market sooner?  Is your product reseller ready ?  Are you ready to participate in the next revolution of identity solutions?  


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