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Welcome to the foundation of idblox: Design 


idblox has identified and standardized over 103 data elements across multiple identity markets. It has developed pre-configured application and market-specific logical data structures. It has attracted a growing consortium of ID vendors with new-to-the-world and existing idblox approved products. With a unique methodology and true data interoperability, idblox has revolutionized the way smart cards and other card technologies are built. 

Now a high security, multi-functional ID Credential, such as a CPU-based smart card with stored biometrics and multiple capabilities, can be deployed in a fraction of the time and costs than previously possible. Starting with idblox design, a card issuer with average computer skills can choose from a growing list of pre-configured LDS templates, enroll biometric and biographic data, and then personalize, encode, and issue ready-to-be-used ID cards without relying on programmers, developers, or system integrators. 


​M.O.S.T. Toolz 
Microprocessor Smart Card Development Environment

For the rapid devlopment of microprocessor-based contact or contactless smart card projects, idblox begins with M.O.S.T. Toolz . The software enables users with average computer skills to select a CFS template among a growing list of pre-defined idblox logical data structures, set the keys, and then send it to Card Encoding Engine for swift personalization, encoding, and printing of high security and multifunctional ID Credentials. 


For custom projects, M.O.S.T.Toolz SDK features robust, easy-to-use software, sophisticated middleware for advanced reader functions, programming demo software, and hardware components for rapid system development. M.O.S.T. Toolz gives developers and card issuers the power to deliver multiple applications and services on a single contact or contactless card, allowing for fast system design and easy updating without the need for card re-issue.

​M.O.S.T. Toolz Biometric Series
Fingerprint Edition for smart Card System Development

M.O.S.T. Toolz™ Fingerprint Edition is the biometric extension of the M.O.S.T. Toolz microprocesor smart card development environment. The kit accelerates the development of high security ID credential systems that meet ICAO and ISO/ IEC standards for both smart cards and biometrics. 


More than an SDK, the kit combines the development of a M.O.S.T. Card® microprocessor smart card file system with the power to capture a fingerprint image, compress the image with the WSQ algorithm, and to transform the image into an ISO 19794-2 or ANSI 378 template. The user can then select a best candidate with the CBEFF interoperable header and write it to the M.O.S.T. Card. Developers can build a biometrics-enhanced smart card transaction system that updates and secures files while setting a variety of defensive measures to protect user ID, card access, value, and biometric data secured in the smart card chip. 

Smart Toolz®

For chip-based memory card projects, idblox begins with Smart Toolz®. Smart Toolz is a comprehensive suite of software and hardware components that includes everything you need to develop contact and contactless memory smart card applications. The toolkit features CardAppz® software, enabling marketing professionals to fully demonstrate card capabilities within a completely configurable card database and system. Also included is the Card Configuration Utility, which allows designers to configure card parameters, load data into cards, and communicate with cards through the supplied Winplex® middleware

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