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idblox Technology


Idblox is a standard that defines logical data structures, card security, printing and communication exchanges between credentialing and application products.

Products implemented with this standard streamline ID system design, enrollment credential management, vetting, issuance and use. 

This standard is based on data collection and credential mechanisms from ICAO, PIV-I and common XML data tags already in use.

The ability to have common functionality across multiple credentials or to have multiple functionality on one credential without programming costs is truly a revolution.


Whether you're a system integrator, a solution provider, a reseller or card-issuer, the idblox solution will make your job drastically easier, faster and more affordable than ever before without sacrificng flexibility, reliabiltiy and high security.

Build the perfect card the way you want! 

The beauty of idblox is that it manages to drastically simply the complex nature of smart card development without limiting customers to a fixed set of end-use card solutions. With idblox, customers of varying skill sets can hook together out-of-the-box components in a "connect the dots" fashion to build perfectly customized card solutions that fit their unique needs! All of this is executed faster, easier and more affordable than ever before without sacrificing the highest of security, reliability, and flexibility.

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