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Welcome to the next stage in idblox ID Credential deployment: Credential Management



Troposphere® Identity Server

The Central Hub of a Credential Management System

Troposphere® Identity Server (TIS) provides identity management and user provisioning in a single low-cost, cloud-based platformthat works across a wide variety of systems. It is an ideal database system for transactional query-based applications that needstandards- driven identity interfaces. TIS is designed to interface with credential encoding software platforms such as CardLogix’Card Encoding Engine® and other IAM programs such as Oracle Identity Manager, LDAP, Active Directory, and AFIS systems. It isalso idblox™ ready, so support for standardized credentials is a snap. When used in conjunction with other components, TIS enablesan organization to define and automate the entire ID credential lifecycle process.

TIS provides a full-featured relational database that enables many different types of credentials. Some common types include:

•     Enterprise Smart Badges
•     Student IDs
•     National IDs
•     Player Tracking Cards
•     Voter ID Cards
•     Driver Licenses
•     Driver Tachograph Cards
•     Healthcare Staff IDs
•     Insurance ID Cards
•     Hospital Staff IDs
•     Firearm / Concealed Weapon Control Cards


  • User-friendly Microsoft SQL interaction

  • Can be hosted on shared or dedicated servers

  • Works with COTS equipment for functionality and interoperability

  • Data is encrypted at rest

  • Optional smart card based log-on

  • Flexible deployment architecture



  • Adaptability to various credential applications

  • Pre-built logical data structures make configuration quick and simple

  • High Security using built-in authentication

  • Cost competitive

  • 1 year of free upgrades

  • 6 months of free maintenance

  • AFIS ready

  • idblox™ compatible
Tel: +1(949)  380-1312
Fax: +1(949)  380-1312

idblox and CardLogix welcome other Credential Management systems. To learn more about Credential Management vendor opportunites, contact us today. We would love to work with you.




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