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Welcome to the cornerstone of idblox: Issuance

Card Encoding Engine (CEE) and compatible ID Card Printers

Unlike standard ID card printer software, CEE encodes smart card chips, MRZs, variable 1D/2D barcodes, and more without requiring any progamming. The software seamlessly connects with idblox design tools so that custom or pre-configured logical data structures are easily imported and ready to be personalized. The software connects with biometric enrollment software for easy data importing. It enables CMS and PACS management system reporting, and it interfaces with vetting services. 


Card Encoding Engine

Card Encoding Engine (CEE) by CardLogix is the cornerstone of the idblox ID Credential Ecosystem. This revolutionary solution brings high security ID Credential and smart card encoding to desktop printer applications. Unlike other desktop card printer software solutions, CEE enables smart card encoding without requiring any API programming and without locking you into a single, central issuance station.


CEE supports multiple card technologies in additon to contact and contactless smart cards, including MIFARE, Prox, RFID, Magnetic Stripe, 1D/2D Barcodes, and MRZ (Machine Readable Zones).


CEE makes it possible to protect and manage personnel with biometrically enhanced smart credentials sooner and more cost-effectively in pre-configured applications such as Civil IDs, National IDs, Educational Staff, Enterprise ID, Student ID, Voter ID, and First Responder IDs.

Evolis Instant Issuance Printers

Evolis features a wide range of compact, lightweight and affordable direct-to-card desktop printers with edge-to-edge printing of 300 dpi resolution.
Printers include instant issuance printers, highly secure laminating printers, and modular high capacity printers designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. Hopper capacity ranges from 50 and 100 cards with the Zenius and Primacy printers to up to 500 cards with the the Quantum printer for throughput of 150 cards/ hour. All printers are smart card encoding compatible, and they have been designed to seamlessly integrate with the Card Encoding Engine for effective card encoding functionality, personalization, and instant issuance. 

Matica Desktop and Centralized Printers

Matica Solutions features high-security Re-transfer card printers for desktop and centralized issuance applications. Issuance solutions include a broad selection of single-sided and double-sided DTC and Re-transfer card printers, laminators and laser color personalization systems for large credential issuance systems. All Matica printers are smart card encoding compatible and wired to seamlessly conntect with the Card Encoding Engine for instant card personalization and issuance. 

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