The idblox™ Ecosystem has an extensive range of products and solutions that are ideal for today's sophisticated ID reseller. The idblox Reseller Network leverages the technical excellence, integration, and brand recognition of world class products for building revenue and profit. 

Reasons to join the reseller program for idblox™ components include:

• Sustained worldwide demand for secure ID Credentials, with a growing list of new applications.
Just in the Identity market alone, 85% of all credentials issued annually will be eIDs by 2015, and countries issuing eIDs will exceed those still using traditional IDs by four to one (Acuity Market Intelligence Report).


• Easier ID Credential system development using simplified templates and file structures.
User-friendly software and applications attract a new influx of customers. What used to be left for programmers and graphic designers to do can now be done by users without expert programming or designing skills. You can also use the products internally and offer them as a credential service.

• Products guaranteed to work together, including products that have long been proven as best-of-breed
Combining high quality products into an integrated network means saying goodbye to long lead times and programming bottlenecks. Faster time to market means higher inventory turnover.

• Many ID Resellers already sell idblox™-certified products
Even if you plan to sell a portion of the complete idblox range of products, several complementary idblox™-certified products are accessible through trusted vendors.

• Competitive pricing versus proprietary solutions
idblox products and solutions have been streamlined and simplified to cut costs substantially, allowing for more competitive pricing without sacrificing quality and features.

• Early, design-stage visibility into customer needs
Having this visibility not only provides better sales forecasts, but it also gives your organization the opportunity to act as sales experts and guide your customers toward the right choices.

How to Become an idblox Reseller
If you think your organization is ready to bring the idblox ecosystem for ID Credential creation to your customers, please fill out the inquiry and we’ll get back to you.




Idblox members have been leaders in the Identity Industry for many years, and are at the forefront of technology that keeps pace with the burgeoning need for secure Identity Management. Charter members include CardLogix, Corvus Integration, Access Smart, American Identitiy and Evolis.



  • CONNECT:ID  March 11-12, 2020
    CardLogix in Matica's Booth
    Featuring: BIOSID Tablet by CardLogix


  • ID4AFRICA  June 2-4, 2020
    Marrakesh, Morocco
    With Fulcrum Biometrics and Matica
    Featuring: Inline Biometric Enrollment and Smart Card Issuance Solutions


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