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idblox® enables rapid ID system deployments with interoperable, Turnkey solutions (blocks) along every stage of design and development, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for custom systems integration. idblox is a standard and methodology that defines logical data structures, card security, printing, and communication exchanges between credentialing and application products. Products implemented with this standard streamline ID system design, enrollment credential management, vetting, issuance and use. This standard is based on data collection and credential mechanisms from ICAO, PIV-I and common XML data tags already in use. The ability to have common functionality across multiple credentials or to have multiple functionality on one credential without programming costs is truly a revolution.

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Card Encoding Engine (CEE) 

 Card Encoding Engine (CEE) by CardLogix is the first and only ID card printer software solution capable of encoding smart cards, variable barcodes and other eID credentials without programming, scripts or custom APIs. The CEE facilitates the design, printing, and encoding of static and variable data on a variety of desktop and centralized card printers.The software fully supports smart chips, magnetic stripes, 1D/2D barcodes, and ICAO compliant Machine Readable Zones (MRZs). Featuring easy-to-use data interfaces and simple drag and drog import/ export features, the CEE makes it possible to protect and manage personnel with biometrically enhanced smart credentials in pre-configured applications such as Educational Staff, Employee, Student, Voter, and First Responder IDs.

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