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Welcome to the next stage in idblox ID Credential deployment: Enrollment 

After the card's logical data structure has been defined from M.O.S.T. Toolz or Smart Toolz, the keys have been saved, and the file has been sent to Card Encoding Engine, the next step is enrollment. If your card project includes biometrics, Corvus' biometric enrollment kits, components, and software make the enrollment process fast and easy. In fact, biometric and biographic enrollment can be done inline with the card personalization and encoding process, because all Corvus' solutions are designed to seamlessly connect with the Card Encoding Engine. With Corvus' idblox enrollment solutions and the Card Encoding Engine, a card issuer can enroll, personalize, and encode microprocessor smart cards with multiple biometric modalities in 10 minutes! This is truly revolutionary. 


​Micro Booking Station

The Corvus Microbooking Station is the baseline choice for a complete identity enrollment system. It is a light weight, low cost, and portable biometric identity solution for frontline enrollment for government employees, voters, travelers, first responders, and criminal suspects. MBS is powered by Raven, Corvus' advanced Identity Management Capture Software that enables full-function ID and enrollment in an intuitive, user-friendly interface that supports multiple biometric technologies. Complete in a compact carrying case, MBS is mobile and perfect for responsive ID Enrollment.

Ember™  Portable Biometric Registration System by Eyedentified

The EMBER Biometric System is the ultimate portable biometric enrollment system, available for PCs, tablets, and other devices. The system enrolls both biographic & biometric data including fingerprints, face, iris, and signature. EMBER is idblox compatible providing a seamless connection to CEE's interface. 


Through its optional SQL Server interface, remote registration is possible anywhere with an internet connection - then print, encode, and issue biometric smart cards at a separate physical location with CEE. Learn more 

FbF® bioEnroll by Fulcrum Biometrics

FbF bioEnroll combines a simple, intuitive interface with powerful demographic and biometric data capture capability.


Integrated with an extensive array of single, dual, and ten-print (live scan) fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, signature pads, standard webcams, and Canon EOS Rebel DLRS cameras, FbF bioEnroll allows you to customize the smartest solution for your exact use case. 


FbF bioEnroll exports data in multiple industry-standard formats, including XML for seamless function with credential issuance products like CardLogix’ Card Encoding Engine (CCE) for in-line smart card personalization.


GIERS is Corvus’ citizen identity enrollment and processing solution that provides a robust set of software tools that enable organizations to implement a comprehensive citizen identification enrollment program that meets their current needs securely and efficiently with the flexibility of expansion in the future. In addition to the basic components of information collection and data entry, either through reading of barcodes or smartcards or manual entry and image capture. GIERS provides a user selectable set of biometrics and image capture tools that meet rigid international standards for interoperability.  Face, fingerprint, and iris images may be collected and compared to those stored in the enrollment database to ensure each citizen is enrolled only once.


The Personal Identity Kit (PIK) by Corvus is complete with fingerprint, face, and iris capabilities for enrollment. The kit is an ultra-portable, easy set-up solution for enrollment needs for civil ID, customs, and law enforcement. This system's biometric capabilities enable the control of any given area, anywhere.

The PIK is powered by Raven, Corvus' advanced Identity Management Capture Software that enables full-function ID and enrollment in an intuitive, user-friendly interface that supports multiple biometric technologies

Raven Software

Raven is Corvus’ proprietary identity management application software which provides full-function identification and matching capability through an intuitive user  friendly interface that supports multiple biometric technologies. Raven also provides the capability to import and enroll biometric and biographical images and information from multiple sources to aid in the identification of an individual or to determine if the person may have other identities. Information and images can also be exported easily to external systems through standard data interfacesThe flexible software design enables additional biometric technologies and products to be integrated quickly and economically. Flexibility along with strict adherence to standards ensures solutions can be tailored and integrated to existing systems quickly and easily to meet current identification challenges with the flexibility to expand or be modified to meet future mission requirements.

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