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Welcome to the final stage of idblox ID Credential development: Use 


The software applications and terminals you see below are idblox-ready, turnkey solutions. idblox-ready applications are integrated with the idblox development environment to include pre-defined idblox LDS templates that correspond with the application's use(s). Upon simply selecting its idblox LDS (logical data structure) in M.O.S.T. Toolz, that card file structure is then quickly written to the smart card's chip. From there, the smart card is ready to be personalized with biometric and biographic data, then encoded and printed with Card Encoding Engine. The same smart card can then be used immediately with the idblox application and reader. When an idblox-ready application is selected for an end-to-end identity solution, customers can create highly sophisticated ID Credentials without programming. The solutions are truly Turnkey and ready to be used out of the box. This saves customers hundreds of thousands of dollars (USD) and several months of time otherwise spent on rigorous programming and development. 

Power Logon® Enterprise Password Manager

Power LogOn is a smart card-based enterprise password manager for Windows. It easily integrates into your existing network architecture without back-end server modifications. Power LogOn communicates with many of your existing applications without any software modifications. The IT administrator can configure Power LogOn to comply with their network security requirements without any policy modifications.

Power LogOn is an easy and affordable alternative to PKI network authentication. IT administrators are tasked to implement a network access authentication solution. Windows password authentication is still the most popular and least expensive. IT administrator’s implementation for stronger network access authentication with longer more complex passwords and frequently password updates can have the inverse security affect. When users self-manage their passwords, they tend to: write passwords down, use passwords that are easy to crack, and use the same password on multiple sites and applications. How would you, the IT Administrator, like to deploy a logical access authentication solution within hours at a fraction of the cost of PKI?


FastCheck™ For Android - Mobile Identity Management Solution 


FastCheck is an adaptive, multi-use software solution for mobile ID authentication, identity verification, remote user enrollment, and the instant display of critical user information. The software is designed for in-the-field applications, such as the swift evaluation of concealed weapons permits, driver licenses, national IDs, military IDs, enterprise IDs, and portable emergency medical records.


FastCheck leverages ISO/IEC 14443 contactless smart card technology, NFC-enabled mobile devices, digital identities, and optional biometrics. 


FastCheck™ For Windows - ID Card Validation Software

FastCheck is a validation software for contact and contactless smart card ID Credentials running on Windows desktop computers or Windows OS tablets. The software provides instant verification of biometric and biographic data for both mobile and stationary ID solutions. FastCheck has been successfully deployed in identity solutions around the world, including the Iraq Green Zone and Taiwan military bases, and it is fully compliant with the idblox® interoperability specification. FastCheck software is available in the following versions:


Baseline Demo Version for Android
Available on Google Play for Android, this version is designed for sales personnel to demonstrate the validation and optional
enrollment capabilities of Fast Check to their customers.

Semi-Custom Version
For all supported platforms, the user can choose from a wide variety of predefined and market-specific idblox® card file structures.

Custom Version
For all supported platforms, fully customized ID projects are available. All services take place in-house at CardLogix.

eHealthONE® Patient Healthcare Management System

Portable Electronic Health Records Secured in Smart Cards

eHealthOne-Box-copy (1).jpg

  • Portable and Secured Electronic Health Records (EHR) Stored in Smart Card

  • Critical, On-Demand Data for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

  • Smart Card Stores Patient Data (Secured in Chip)

  • Patient Privacy with Decentralized Records

  • Non-Duplication of Records Prevents Medical Errors

  • Multi-Factor Authentication Prevents Fraud

  • Hospital, Doctor, and Insurance Administration

  • Complete System with Modular Software Options

  • HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant

  • Supports CardLogix’ M.O.S.T. Card® Technology


eHealthONE is a comprehensive doctor, hospital, and insurance administration and electronic patient health record management solution that safely stores health records and critical, on-demand emergency information in patient-carried smart cards for optimal portability, security, and patient privacy. Unlike other medical smart cards advertised today, eHealthONE offers a complete and universal healthcare system built on many software modules with smart card technology.

PassCheck™ MRTD Credential Validation Software 

CardLogix PassCheck ID Credential Validation Software is a unique software application that reads, decrypts and validates data from the CPU chip embedded in ePassports and other ICAO MRTDs (Machine Readable Travel Documents). It supports  biometric verification, optical authentication, and compliant watchlists.


The software enables an advanced level of security and authentication for border control and immigration, airport security, gaming compliance, and other identity programs. PassCheck is designed for any setting, such as fixed locations, multi-device environments, and mobile frontline management of personnel.


The software is available in two versions that offer the same features but differ with regard to hardware: 


PassCheck for Windows PC™ is compatible with a wide variety of scanners and readers that connect to a Windows PC.


PassCheck for Unity™ is an application designed for and downloaded within Corvus’ Unity™  Rugged Mobile ID Terminal, the ultimate handheld, identity computing solution for muti-modal biometrics and ID Credentials. 


UNITY™ Rugged MObile ID Terminal 


Originally developed for the US Department of Defense, Unity is a sophisticated handheld mobile, multi-modal biometric terminal running on Windows 7. IIt is the ultimate biometric capture and identity verification solution for governments, law enforcement, and military applications worldwide. Unity enables the instant enrollment of personnel, strong verification of credentials and presenters, and latent capture for on-the-scene evidence collection.  Unity is ideal for border crossings, national ID programs, traffic stops, crime scenes, and dynamic checkpoints that require instant, real-time decision making. 


Supported Biometrics & Credentials:

  • Dual Iris Capture: ISO certified images at 10” from target

  • Face Capture: ISO certified images at 24” from target

  • Dual Fingerprint Slap and Single Fingerprint Roll

  • Voice Capture 

  • ePassports and ID-1 ICAO Cards with Unity Passport Scanner/Reader attachment and CardLogix PassCheck™ Credential Validation Software

Readers and Terminals 

Readers and Terminals are carefully selected to work within the idblox network for a variety of end-use applications. Applications include logical and physical access systems, secure payment, secure data transactions, and time and attendance. idblox smart cards are pre-configured to work with multiple door locks for physical access systems as well as other application-specific terminals. Readers include a variety of multi-factor authentication features, including biometric and mobile devices, such as the Tactivo from Precise Biometrics for fingerprint verification combined with smart card and iOS operating systems.  

Complete list of compatible readers coming soon
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