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LifeMed ID healthcare patient identification suite of solutions, are designed to manage patient identity, health status and communication to any designed entity or network for any healthcare, mobilization and emergency event.

LifeMed ID was developed by SMART Association, Inc., the nation's leading Consumer Relationship Marketing (CRM) to hospitals to influence patient satisfaction, loyalty, patient-physician alliances and overall market share for over 20 years.

LifeMed ID's Patient Identity, began five years ago to address specific healthcare industry challenges; such as confirming patient identity, registration bottle necking, Clipboard registration, duplicate records, registration errors, and an increased need for a higher level of privacy and security. LifeMed ID is the US industry leader in integrating the use of Patient Smart cards into the healthcare workflow providing instant, secure and private information exchange between caregivers, medical facilities and patients. This system has proven to dramatically increase patient satisfaction as well as greatly improve operational efficiencies.

SecureReg ID™ is a Branded Patient Identity solution that accurately identifies and authenticates patients for each visit or procedure throughout medical facility while correctly linking that patient identity to their multiple medical records automating all registration processes for the care provider. The product automatically invokes the current registration software communicating with your current Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Admissions/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) applications utilizing industry standard HL7 communications protocol. The SecureReg ID™ cloud and card based token provides multiple levels of patient identification and authentication; 1) a photograph of the patient both on the card and a corresponding photo delivered from the SecureReg ID™ cloud based software, 2 256 bit SSL encrypted LifeMed ID identity number from the card matched to corresponding encrypted identification number in the LifeMed ID cloud, 3) the ability to optionally add a PIN number and/or biometrics as well. Also available optionally, automated insurance verification at the point and time of registration.

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